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lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Smiles for Success

Resplendent dental deployment. Nobody imagines with black teeth, crooked or decayed. Not just for film and TV offers a attractive smile, but also for work and love. The same one bank that a bricklayer. Today beaming is necessary in any area, including the family. And now there are solutions for every budget.

The excellence admired the smile of models and movie stars and TV would assume that the costs are within the reach of a few.
No wonder he thinks, how it will not be expensive if the inputs are imported and cost four times more in pesos? Worse when new, they always cost more. True, the new porcelains ultrastrong and without metal, fiberglass bolts (no metal and dark) and instant implants are expensive, but of an excellence unsurpassed.
But almost as perfect other methods, with lower fees, the ultra-modern dental science also serves to transform Cinderella in Cinderella and Prince Charmers,
When at one time wanted to remedy a tooth is ugly, the only recourse was the case ("jacket") porcelain, because there was no way that something simple (like fake nails) to stay stuck and then tucking the "stain". An American dentist discovered a way to prepare the tooth to hit a thin layer of porcelain with a plastic adhesive. With this preparation and that glue adhesive dentistry born, that of the "halogen", which looks like magic. What's more, this conservative technique, quick and painless also erased the possibility to almost eliminate the pain around.
These adhesives improved and reinforced fillers masticatory more wear resistant and color change ("composites") are used by themselves to hide the ugly tooth naturally. The beauty in the hair, skin and teeth is essential in man and woman business and work at the social and the group of friends, in the role of government and in the guild, and even gratitude to a stranger / a on the street ..
The speed of the system allows anecdotes like this young bride who, an hour before leaving for the church, he hit and broke a tooth. This used to be quite a problem, now it is going into an office with the broken tooth and out in an hour as if it had never been broken.
Adherence cover cosmetic defects, not reinforced anything, it is purely cosmetic. When the tooth is weakened by cavities and root canals, may fracture, the solution remains the porcelain jacket crown, today greatly enhanced and improved. And better than ever stuck with the powerful current adhesive system. Using plastic crowns temporarily snapshot is no longer needed to be without teeth for a minute. 

martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

To allay fears

What should the dentist

First, the dentist should have a long experience in the field. Must be calm, mature, capable and reliable to patients terrified and ashamed of their carelessness.
The key is communication in both directions. The dentist and authoritarian parco's the worst that can happen to a wimp. In a relaxed, pleasant conversation, understanding and sincerity, the candidate has to take time to listen carefully to their concerns and fears, and then graduating procedures Ascending, by personal fear.
The office should reflect warmth and welcome reception will be warm with no picture, smell and noise they rekindle their fears.

If the dentist thinks you're facing a real phobia, may suggest a psychotherapy practice.
The first visit dedicated to listen, to understand the concerns and the reason for the visit, and do nothing ... not go further without permission.
On the second visit can list the medical and dental history and immediate fears. Could revise the mouth and take necessary radiographs.
The third visit may include videos, PC, pamphlets and books that illustrate the proposed treatment plan tailored to your needs. You must answer all questions.
On subsequent visits, the professional will explain step by step what you do and how you will not feel any pain.
Some apply to adult afraid what we learned for the kids: the art of "saying - show-do." For example, saying how modern air winch, show how you can stop with your fingers and leave it be in the hands , before doing anything.
That agree a stop sign, they decide together.
The dentist will then follow all the precautions he knows that if he does so, you may cringe even more than at the start and stop treatment.
When the time of the first anesthesia, with all previous explanations you want, the dentist will use modern resources to eliminate the feeling of injection, which could be annoying, but not painful. The current anesthesia are very lasting effect, no risk of passing the callousness at work, but the dentist will be attentive to any questions.
The dentist, only if you ask, will show the instrumental and function. The American Dental Association approves the use of sedatives if needed. There are alternative drug therapies.

lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

For alleviate the fear

What you can do.

To overcome fears, choose what type of patient is:
1. - The hopeful, confident that the technology and understanding can improve you life, and is willing to overcome.
2. - The penitent, but distrustful, he wanted to overcome her fears and not decided at all.
3 - The cobbler, who does not care mouth care and just wants to take away the pain today.
He located? What you are and what you want to be?
Phone the dentist, tell what your problem is and ask for an interview with the apparatus NO sight. Say honestly if you're serious, if you want to try or if you just want to get by.
Shame. Do not have it, nor by fears or by the state of his mouth. Shame we should have dentists that took him to this.
Timetable. We dismantle, will be calmer if not must wait in the reception, where the tension increases.
Communicate. Feel free to explain your problem and the source, if known, for example, have been badly treated in small or big or going through a horrendous removal of tonsils, etc..
Nothing in the first session: and in the dental chair, do not let him do anything out of the observation and, at best, radiographs. Or even nothing at all, except talk. And promise yourself that in the future you will not have explained anything without prior OK.
Your question does not bother: help. Ask, ask and ask. Ask to have the feeling that you are in control and not the dentist.
Music to calm down, you can take your own MP3 or iPod, or whatever. But do not let cut communication with the dentist.
The company of a friend or relative at the reception can help some.
Anesthesia, all you feel is necessary and more. Not everyone has the same sensitivity to pain. Anesthesia can order more if you are sure you need it, but be careful not to confuse with noise and pressure pain. The most sensitive are more anesthesia or must wait longer to take effect or leave the task for another day.
Relax. Try to think of other things, like making plans for the upcoming holidays or to remember the good from the past. A patient of mine took off his shoes and was engaged to move the toes, one by one. An engineer took a minute to relax with yoga techniques. Some people go progressively relaxing your muscles or perform special breaths. Choose your method works for you or maybe you propose any dentist.
Stop sign. Raising your hand, for example, the dentist to instantly what you are doing, a British psychologist, W. G. Cumberbatch, in an experiment, gave control patients stopping the lathe and found not stopped more than once or twice, because they assumed control of the situation. The signal can be used for a break or for a question. It could also be that one day is not deemed to continue sitting. Plantéelo.
Do not ask hypnosis, or general anesthesia or sedation. There is a remedy for your problem. But one can ask for calming anxiety before the session. It is not advisable to drink alcohol with this order. Not attend on an empty stomach or too loaded.
After each session, you can give himself a reward for contributing to the success.

miércoles, 21 de noviembre de 2012

The many causes of fear

The many causes of fear.

The causes of dental fear can be one or more, not the same for everyone and should be considered by the professional.
Very unhappy experiences in childhood, with dentists who cured caries or baby teeth taken out without anesthesia.
Very unhappy experiences, or even painful, as an adult, create a fear that requires maturity and understanding to clear.
Horror stories of people who went wrong, because no account when doing well.
Poor Jokes TV and film and humor to dentists who ascribe evil worse than Dracula.
Shame (unjustified, of course) by the poor state of his mouth and fear of ridicule or reproach for neglect.
Being tied to the chair, as he can not do anything to change the situation.
All the dental apparatus.
Simply, fear of the unknown.

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sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012

Men never say that they are afraid.

Men never say that they are afraid, unless they have been encouraged by a mature and caring dentist.

How does it feel? In varying degrees, which feels who found no comprehensive dentistry still is.
1. I do not want to lose control. Sitting on the couch, I feel that sends the dentist, as my father and I a boy.
2. I feel ashamed. I do not like the idea that a dentist tell me not to be a coward, that I behave like a spoiled child or challenge me for having neglected teeth.
3. Do not want to suffer. I never want to experience the pain that caused me some evil dentist or heard the atrocities there.
4. I have no confidence. I do not know if the dentist is good, if sympathetic, if you know, if I'm going to make fun or if you want to do in my mouth what suits your pocket.
5. I will ban all. Doctors and dentists first thing they do is to ban cigarettes, drinks, candy, cookies, everything.
6. I feel bad since last night. Makes me want to cancel the visit, but well I'll never leave the mess I have.
7. I feel bad waiting in reception. And worse if I do not meet the schedule. What are they doing to you inside? What I will do to me?
8. I "tied" to the chair and do not know what will happen. A good dentist knows he is not in charge, but that puts the patient's mouth and pay. You're the boss, and only you. The dentist only offers you have.
9. I have afraid to see what they will use, do not know what they are preparing. It scares me so much to know what will be used as not to know, see what they will use, as not to see.
10. Fear not breathe with so many things in their mouths. Think of a mature and comprehensive dentist thank you to explain all your fears and worries.
All these thoughts lead to the urge to flee the situation, not to make an appointment, to ask and not fulfill it, to be late, to irritate verbally patience dentist to remove even the most holy in order to feel rejected and to have an excuse for not returning. The question is to escape, whatever.
All this goes to fearful, phobic or appears true for office. Except through psychotherapy.
The funky, with a dentist who understands and listens, can become a brave. Because it is the brave who is afraid, but facing your fears.

sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2012

II. - Fear, pain, beauty, health, dentist

II. - Fear, pain, beauty, health, dentist.

Fear of the dentist, toothache, the beauty of the smile, the maintenance of oral health and restore diseased teeth, broken or missing are some key points to watch.
Fear of the Dentist: Do you have fear of the dentist? Tremble with fear? Thinking of a dental? Think your panic is hopeless? If your answer is YES, we now know the dentist who wants to, can show the solution yourself. You are not alone in this fear, phobia, anxiety.
Fear and Phobia: Fear of the dentist, the dentist panic, dental phobia, dentist rejection, anxiety ... Almost the entire world population is included in one of these categories ..
Millions of people like you have the same problem. As two out of three, can be overcome to feel a simple distaste for the idea and some vague fear.
Measure your fear and learn how all doubts and fears can be resolved in good hands.
Look for a personalized treatment. Express yourself. Talk. Say. You deserve to be listened carefully.
What we talk about fear? As many as one in five people worldwide suffer such crippling dental phobia (dental phobia) and were horrified by the idea of ​​visiting a dentist. Nothing to do with patients with dental fear, another group that covers two thirds of the population. And we feel disgust completed the rest of a picture that falls outside of just 5%. In the United States alone, it is estimated that there are at least 30 to 40 million people odontofóbicas.
 Hard to believe the very real tremendous pain a person can endure in order not to go to the dentist ... By fear of pain!
Defining fears: Just as there are those who are distressed at the thought of being trapped in an elevator, some people are terrified of the dentist, they want to go, but can not. Have excessive physical reactions and mood, as deep and vague malaise (90% of the time), hearts galloping (35%), nausea. chest pain, sweating (75%), shortness of breath, dry mouth, heat or cold and sweating, hyperventilation, tightness of all muscles (60%) and gastrointestinal turbulence, separately or all together. Together they form the body's response: flee anyway. The leak includes not watch his mouth, almost as if he had rabies. And even worse when they are damaged mouth.
For all this is tremendous, a mature and comprehensive dentist can transform an ordinary person into a coward, in no more than 5 to 20 sessions, not endless visits. And the same is a psychotherapist with a phobic.


Dislike: Let's face it! Nobody likes to visit the dentist, that of being seated on a couch with someone every now and says "stand still," he does things in his mouth and one trapped there. Not like me, but I know I should visit the dentist to not need it ... and I avoid toothaches.
Fear: suspicion or apprehension about a real, present or anticipated. It affects social life, family, work, study sentimental. The dentist is a mature and comprehensive help for fears "logical" as to pain, injection or lathe.
Anxiety: Mistrust and tension or apprehension unmotivated against unidentified threats. It goes beyond the particular fear is an emotion deeper than away from treatment and prevention. It recognizes a reason and the dentist should be more mature and understanding than ever.
Phobia is a fear that is excessive and unreasonable and acknowledges that he avoids, as the object, activity or situation of terror. Is exaggerated out of proportion to what causes it: flying, elevators, enclosed spaces, darkness, going to the dentist, and even cats or toads or harmless bug. The patient experiences a disproportionate anxiety reaction, which can lead to a panic attack, with the object or situation causing anticipation. Interfering in life and causes marked distress. The phobic need more than understanding and maturity of the dentist. But with these qualities should complement psychological therapy. Even a slight delay in a waiting room can reappear disorganized panic.